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Serving the Chesapeake Area
Zip Codes 23322 and 23320
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 I am Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 
I am proud to annouce the birth of my twin boys Parker Haldane and Raygan Keene on November 18,2011, both beautiful and healthy.....
I am very excited about bringing my twin boys into such a wonderful career teaching them how important our pet's are to our families.
I will be on vacation July 3,2013-July 8,2013
Heidi Wilson (Owner) & Sweet "YaYo"
Veterinary Assistant and Animal Lover
R.I.P "YaYo"
Sweet Baby..
Furrst, let me take a moment to tell you about myself and the strong bond that I have for my animals and will have for yours.  I have 7 Persian cats and 2 Weimaraners, there are pictures of all of them in the Photo Gallery.  My 4-legged crew are not considered pets, but part of mine and my husband's family.  I've always had and will always have at least one 4-legged family member; who am I kidding, pets are like potato chips, you can't have just one!
I worked as a bank manager for 16 years, then decided to follow my heart and began working with animals.  WOW, was it the right choice for me!   I have been a veterinary assistant for the past 6 years and love every minute of it.  I am experienced with administering medication to both cats and dogs.  I am able to handle even the most challenging pets. 
Now about the business, I am licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition I will be pet CPR certified on April 9,2011. In my years of veterinary care I see what boarding can do to your pets - they can become stressed and depressed. That is only 2 reasons why having me come into your home to give love, attention, and care for your furry babies.  I have seen how happy pets are when their owners pick them up from boarding, I want your pets to be that happy everyday when they are in my care!  There is no doubt your babies love you, but they will be so happy they are able to stay in their own home bed while you are away!
Biscotti and Goldie relaxing in their own home!!!!!!! 
Goldie will be missed by many R.I.P. Ms. Goldie we love you
If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one is worth millions. 
Simone and Ellie sleeping in their own home...
"Dreaming"....there is no place like home...there is no place like home......
Cutest pet of the month.......... 
Go" Texas" 
Proud member of the Pet Sittters International....